cami.carvalho: Urban bird, a little suspicious of my curiosity about him ... European pied flycatcher (Papa-moscas-preto)
cami.carvalho: Vineyard at sunset
cami.carvalho: European robin (Pisco-de-peito-ruivo)- just singing...
cami.carvalho: Tiny flowers in the rain
cami.carvalho: Balancing Bird...
cami.carvalho: Seen from my balcony: September evening with incredible clouds threatening thunderstorm
cami.carvalho: September Rain
cami.carvalho: A not too cold September rain...
cami.carvalho: Roof Sparrow
cami.carvalho: Walking on sand dunes
cami.carvalho: Regular garden visit: European Robin (Pisco-de-peito-ruivo)
cami.carvalho: Happy little boy on the beach
cami.carvalho: Many tender expressions between this doves couple
cami.carvalho: Pure Happiness... (Buddy Joaquim)
cami.carvalho: Cornfield with a very unique scarecrow
cami.carvalho: Cornfield with a very unique scarecrow...
cami.carvalho: Two-tailed pasha (Charaxes jasius) Beautiful colors of this Butterfly, perched high on the tree trunk
cami.carvalho: Spider on the web in the garden cedar, a little wet after watering the plants. Sorry, spider, I didn't see you ...
cami.carvalho: Summer rainy day...
cami.carvalho: Just a Rose
cami.carvalho: Wagtails (Alvéola) Stop flying to enjoy the setting sun and drying the feathers on the branches of a tree, fallen in the middle of the river
cami.carvalho: Wild Cat (Iberian lynx-Lince-ibérico)
cami.carvalho: Orange Rose, Pink Rose and summer rain...
cami.carvalho: Small River Flowers
cami.carvalho: Through the Forest
cami.carvalho: The saviors
cami.carvalho: During a forest fire day, right next our homes, thanks to the great help from the sky...
cami.carvalho: Mantis (Louva-a-Deus)
cami.carvalho: Birdie - European Robin (Pisco-de-peito-ruivo)