meadhenry: First fig of the year
meadhenry: A day in the life of Mushrooms
meadhenry: Taking time out
meadhenry: Out of Control
meadhenry: Hose waiting ,Mop resting
meadhenry: A year of Sunflowers it was
meadhenry: Uncle Sam taking a bow
meadhenry: Parked Bicycles
meadhenry: My friend Joel Applebaum playing around with me.
meadhenry: Our Gang in our town in Sciara Sicily
meadhenry: Confirmation photo of me and my brother Tony
meadhenry: A photo of my father and his three sons
meadhenry: Sunflowers from an Inmate prison farm
meadhenry: Seize the day
meadhenry: A car's sunshield in the shade
meadhenry: Peace Lily
meadhenry: Move over I was here first
meadhenry: Mailbox on my brother's farm
meadhenry: Azaleas only lighter color
meadhenry: The year for Azaleas
meadhenry: Angel taking a nap
meadhenry: Golf course at your doorstep
meadhenry: Green Forest
meadhenry: The Life of a Persimmon
meadhenry: New Spring flowers
meadhenry: Yesteryear
meadhenry: Always a Harley
meadhenry: Entertainer at the Nursing Home
meadhenry: Plant life in Black and white
meadhenry: The winds really brought down the trees