meadhenry: Plant life in Black and white
meadhenry: The winds really brought down the trees
meadhenry: Destruction
meadhenry: Hurricane Frances
meadhenry: Mr. MacMillan
meadhenry: The lady isn't happy about her paper bracelet
meadhenry: Mask Up
meadhenry: A Colorful bed
meadhenry: Sun Rising in Daytona Beach
meadhenry: Horse Fever statue in Ocala Downtown Square
meadhenry: Saint Theresa's altar
meadhenry: Pine tree forest revisited
meadhenry: What a family
meadhenry: This where the branches of a palm tree have been cut off
meadhenry: When I was single
meadhenry: My grandparents on my mother's side
meadhenry: Young surfers sticking together
meadhenry: My head gear collection
meadhenry: My wife the Beatles main fan.AS of yesterday I have contracted the virus 19 and she 's taking care of me. I am by mysef in our bedroom quarantined .She slept on the sofa
meadhenry: Flight of the Cattle Egrets
meadhenry: Lake Sparkle never looked so great for the ducks
meadhenry: Kids having fun at the beach
meadhenry: Daytona Beach not this year
meadhenry: This photo is dedicated to William Yipp
meadhenry: Foggy morning at the condo
meadhenry: How high the Moon
meadhenry: Family outing
meadhenry: Both look beautiful I think
meadhenry: Flower outside the nursing home
meadhenry: Experimenting with plant colors