William Yipp: A New Dawn
William Yipp: Not talking to you
William Yipp: Coming or Going
William Yipp: Kishi Island - Lake Onega, Russia
William Yipp: Twin Brothers
pascalRIBEN.com: Rome, Italy - Vatican City
Wuzbug: Just started , a study in coloured pencil by jmsw on black card, of a painting by Rembrandt. Only on this site.
Rouge_Lucifer: classic in genere
Rouge_Lucifer: hang it high
Rouge_Lucifer: Crocodile Motif
Rouge_Lucifer: The Windscreen
Rouge_Lucifer: ones per ten years
Rouge_Lucifer: Along the island
Wuzbug: Waterfall in North Devon. Ballpoint pen drawing by jmsw on recycled brown card.
sorferru: IMG_2754_waiting
Koprek: Just a walk
Brad Visser: Elm XII.
Schröedingers Cat: Heptonstall
stevebanfield: surrounded
Koprek: Generations
stevebanfield: look up
Koprek: Frozen
Koprek: Life by the River
Jonas.Nilsson: Working/Fomabrom 111
Sal Sciarrino: "Great Egret"
Crusty Da Klown: Deep Shadow
Koprek: Rural Degradation
Schröedingers Cat: Old Railway Siding, Halifax (Homage to Bill Brandt)
bior: Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite, California
Koprek: Rural Sunset