wesleybarr1962: Flash of white
wesleybarr1962: A touch of gold
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keithmacsphotos: MAC_2800-2.jpg
keithmacsphotos: MAC_2739-2.jpg
keithmacsphotos: MAC_2718-2.jpg
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Greg Lavaty Photography: Short-eared Owl
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Female Red Fox Walking On Thin Freshly Frozen River Ice
Geoffrey Shuen Photography: Anna's Hummingbird (M)-8891
Tomingramphotography.com: Long-eared Owl
Rob & Amy Lavoie: Snowy Owl (R3)
Rob & Amy Lavoie: A little pose R3
Rob & Amy Lavoie: Woodchuck mom and baby
Rob & Amy Lavoie: Bobcat posing
Rob & Amy Lavoie: Snowy Owl on the Rocks
Jarek S. "Jerry": Red-footed falcon
Greatblue1: White-throated Sparrow
wesleybarr1962: see what I got
wesleybarr1962: A Hoodie and a lonely leaf in the stream of life
wesleybarr1962: Trying to impress
wesleybarr1962: Among life's ripples
shimmer5641: Barn Owl / Effraie des clochers
bryan_ILCE-9: _A6_1426
wesleybarr1962: lovely head
bryan_ILCE-9: _A6_6588