wesleybarr1962: You nibble here and I will nibble there
wesleybarr1962: My wing gives me away
wesleybarr1962: lost its beauty
wesleybarr1962: A little stretch
wesleybarr1962: my head is striking
wesleybarr1962: You are mine !!!!!
wesleybarr1962: Ain't Luv grand
wesleybarr1962: A little odd winged
wesleybarr1962: Homeward bound
wesleybarr1962: " some of u, make room "
wesleybarr1962: I spy with my little eye (1 of 2)
wesleybarr1962: I spy with my little eye (2 of 2)
wesleybarr1962: In a tizzy fit
wesleybarr1962: Social distancing company breakfast.....
wesleybarr1962: ready to land
wesleybarr1962: The stretch
wesleybarr1962: Alone on the island
wesleybarr1962: Should I eat this thing ????
wesleybarr1962: Junco Blend
wesleybarr1962: Photo radar check
wesleybarr1962: Photo finish !!!!!!
wesleybarr1962: Face to face
wesleybarr1962: Patrolling the river edge
wesleybarr1962: Sun baked Eagle
wesleybarr1962: It is Okay....we know u are coming
wesleybarr1962: Friendly fire
wesleybarr1962: Hemmed In
wesleybarr1962: Sails are up, the waves are boisterous !!!!
wesleybarr1962: A little Varied