wesleybarr1962: Backyard pet
wesleybarr1962: Morning stretches
wesleybarr1962: Slate-colored Junco
wesleybarr1962: Out of here
wesleybarr1962: Beachcomber
wesleybarr1962: The droplet
wesleybarr1962: Tail up, time to run
wesleybarr1962: stunning in mating plumage
wesleybarr1962: when does the tide come in !!!
wesleybarr1962: rear view
wesleybarr1962: what's on the menu
wesleybarr1962: standing tall
wesleybarr1962: My crown gives me away
wesleybarr1962: wooing the on-lookers for another year
wesleybarr1962: I don't like u and I don't want u
wesleybarr1962: eloquent in flight
wesleybarr1962: on my marks, ready to go
wesleybarr1962: So still !!!!!
wesleybarr1962: Dropped by to say "Hi"
wesleybarr1962: sweet pose
wesleybarr1962: balancing act
wesleybarr1962: did someone say nectar !!!!
wesleybarr1962: keeping steady
wesleybarr1962: glow in the wing
wesleybarr1962: time to pause
wesleybarr1962: just a blur
wesleybarr1962: A beauty in the making
wesleybarr1962: count my spots
wesleybarr1962: The old and the new....
wesleybarr1962: In a real flap ...... could they not make things easy around here !!!