wesleybarr1962: Lets Dance
wesleybarr1962: Time to go
wesleybarr1962: Snow is a melting !!!
wesleybarr1962: Warm glow on a cold day
wesleybarr1962: Standing out
wesleybarr1962: The Last Stand
wesleybarr1962: speckles
wesleybarr1962: Sweet dreams were made of these !!
wesleybarr1962: time to fish
wesleybarr1962: Light reflections
wesleybarr1962: Prickly Landing
wesleybarr1962: Anything interesting down there ??
wesleybarr1962: Eye Scan
wesleybarr1962: What are you doing up here ????
wesleybarr1962: Beautiful but unwelcome visitor (1/3)
wesleybarr1962: Beautiful but unwelcome (2/3)
wesleybarr1962: Beautiful but unwelcome (3/3)
wesleybarr1962: What Big Eyes You Have !!
wesleybarr1962: Time to dry !!!!!!!
wesleybarr1962: A little blending....
wesleybarr1962: backlite bird splash
wesleybarr1962: Chocolate sauce
wesleybarr1962: Distant search
wesleybarr1962: Getting along
wesleybarr1962: Sailing into 2020
wesleybarr1962: In the thick of things
wesleybarr1962: Got....em
wesleybarr1962: Almost there
wesleybarr1962: Dowitcher alert