alfred.hausberger: MacroMondays Ribbon
Surfchild.: 13. Rubber Duckies (5/100 Copycats. Yo y mis patos)
neurosheep: 2/52 ... strenght lies in differences not in similarities ...
Willy 1943: Non-alcoholic aperitif
Studio d'Xavier: Not Political
Mickster.: After extensive testing it was concluded Bongo lacked the mental capacity to stay inside a bubble.
Yes Sir Ruud: Sequence
@magda627: Fly away
gian_tg1: little things in life
octbellini: Needle & Thread
Matwith1Tphotography: Snowflake water drops IMG_5571-1
Werner Demming: MAGIC OF LIGHT _ MM _ „Holiday Lights“
WibbleFishBanana: Do nothing other than drip
billd_48: Macro Mondays - High Key
Studio d'Xavier: Have Yourself a Very Cloistered Christmas
Oh Kaye, too: WAH in the Land of Pins and Needles
amy's antics: The Yin and Yang of the sewing box
♔ Georgie R: 31 Days to Christmas 329:366 (4:1424)
photozaki: Spiky Cactus
Anuradha Nautiyal: The Khun Phaen Puzzle
Daren N.: Puzzle
j.towbin ©: The Art of Simplicity
Ragnar II: All The Same Color
Studio d'Xavier: Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery, None but Ourselves can Free our Minds
Surfchild.: 312. Art
neurosheep: ... there is order in chaos ...
Jan van der Wolf: Handrail and tiles
ruthlesscrab: Most Uncomplimentary Selfie Ever