Colin Gildersleve: CBH025 & CBH002 with 5K25 at Midland
Colin Gildersleve: NR34 & NR97 with 5P32 just leaving Flashbutt yard with empty rail wagons
Colin Gildersleve: NR97 & NR34 with a short rail train at Midland
Colin Gildersleve: Q4010 with 5430 at Midland
Mark Miller's Photos: Chiltern Thank You NHS 168111
(Mick Baker)rooster: Final slam door stock move
(Mick Baker)rooster: Loco arrival
Paul Gildersleve: 5051 'Drysllwyn Castle' at Didcot
Lucas31 Transport Photography: 172101+172103 & 168107
Chris Baines: Chiltern Bubble Car @ Aylesbury.