bazzastiles82: Madame Tussaud’s London closed due to the Covid-19. Not very often that you can see the front of the building. 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: Marylebone Road viewed from Great Portland Street Underground Station looking towards Regent’s Park Station. Taken at 09:45 in the morning this road is normally very busy. 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: Madame Tussaud 1761-1850 on the side of the building at Madame Tussaud’s London. 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: London Marylebone looking out the front in the morning rush hour on Tuesday 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: A walk around London passing this Chinese restaurant ‘Feng Shang Princess’ in the form of a canal boat on the Regent’s canal. Taken on 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: London Marylebone view of the main concourse at 9am on Tuesday 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: The BT Tower showing ‘Save Lives’ 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: The BT tower with the display ‘Protect the NHS’ 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: The BT Tower. 31/3/20
bazzastiles82: 165036 departing Princes Risborough heading towards the single line towards Aylesbury while working 2A48 17:00 Marylebone to Aylesbury. 27/3/20
bazzastiles82: An empty London Marylebone in the evening rush hour on Thursday 26/3/20
bazzastiles82: “Lesley” the shunter parked up at Aylesbury maintenance Depot in a very wet Aylesbury. 25/2/20
bazzastiles82: 168107 leading 5Y16 06:38 Banbury Depot Departure Road to Oxford stopped on the up Oxford Relief at a red signal between Wolvercot junction and Oxford north Junction. 19/2/20
bazzastiles82: 168107 sat at signal OD2410 on the up Oxford Relief line while OD2408 showing a single yellow. 19/2/20
bazzastiles82: An unidentified DB class 66 passing Oxford North Junction with a service heading North. 19/2/20
bazzastiles82: 168107 now sat at signal OD2394 at Oxford North Junction on the Up Oxford Relief. Signal OD2487 can be seen which is on the Down Bletchley at Oxford Canal Junction. 19/2/20
bazzastiles82: At Oxford Station North Junction DVT 82301 leads the delayed 1Y12 07:12 Oxford to London Marylebone out of Platform 3 and on the Up Oxford. An IET sits in The Down Oxford Siding 1 waiting for its next working. 19/2/20
bazzastiles82: Signals OD2394 Up Oxford Relief OD2392 Up Oxford both at Oxford North Junction. 19/2/20
bazzastiles82: 68014 pushing the delayed 1Y12 07:12 Oxford to London Marylebone on the Up Oxford. 19/2/20
bazzastiles82: 5C50 leaving Penzance being pushed by 57604 Pendennis Castle
bazzastiles82: View looking out the back of the train around the Camborne area
bazzastiles82: Leaving Penzance on board 2U20 10:50 Penzance to Cardiff Central passing Penzance signal box
bazzastiles82: 5C50 20:19 Reading Traincare Depot to London Paddington arriving in Platform 1 with 57602 Restormel Castle leading and 57604 Pendennis Castle on the rear
bazzastiles82: 66717 leaving Banbury and passing the Depot while working 4O69 13:27 Hams Hall GBRF to Southampton W Docks. 13/2/20
bazzastiles82: 66593 passing Banbury Depot working 13:00 Southampton M.C.T. to Trafford Park F.L.T. 13/2/20
bazzastiles82: 1A50 leaving London Paddington at 02:56 3 hours 6 minutes late
bazzastiles82: Passing the River Exe at just past 07:00
bazzastiles82: View looking out on the English Channel
bazzastiles82: View looking at the end of the platforms at Penzance with the signals and signal box
bazzastiles82: 43092 Cromwell’s Castle sat at Penzance