david.hayes77: Birmingham 2
Greg Kenmuir: CPRail - Drake Street yard - Vancouver BC
Thomas Weiler Fotografie: 04 500px (1 von 1)
Thomas Weiler Fotografie: 01_4 klein (1 von 1)
Always Santa Fe: In freezing fog the up Night Ferry has just arrived at London Victoria behind 73 005
loose_grip_99: Great Central Railway Swithland Leicestershire 29th January 2011
Canadapt: Two Windows (No. 4) "A Mari Usque Ad Mare"
stephanegachet: Vieillerie (EXPLORE)
Peter O'Doherty (Dublin): Near the end. O'Devaney Gardens, Dublin
Peter O'Doherty (Dublin): An old rail line in Casablanca, Cuba
Cruiser of the Land: road less travelled
Katerfelto: Caradog Falls Halt
RégisD: LAPIDE...............Lapide: Un tlain qui loule tlès vite...
Sperrgebiet: R.I.P. -a German Wehrmacht paratrooper barrack, later used by the Soviet army as an airbase. Meanwhile demolished. Over 80 years unfortunate military history ended.
Frank Güldner: Das Genie beherrscht das Chaos... ;-))
spannerman37025: 37112 + 37144 Rannoch Moor
channel packet: Walking Off The Job
Chris Firth of Wakey.: All down to an oily rag.
ynatentive: Centrale de Kelenföld
TrevorJE: (2649dS) Argentina Out (Graffiti) Lobley Hill 19-6-82 (T Ermel)
TrevorJE: (066cS) 70049 Carlisle 10-8-67 (Trevor Ermel)
TrevorJE: (065c) Horse & Cart, rear of Durham Road 1-8-79 (T Ermel)
Welsh photographs - Thanks for 8 Million views: #StormEleanor visits Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales, UK 03.01.18 (SE 24) https://www.facebook.com/welshphotographs/
dangaken: Canal de Lachine
twilight bear: 2665 Nerve Centre
otogno: Parque Scalabrini Ortiz-Parque Sunchales-NCA - 04