Yamabxl: Medical treatment will require strict confinement for four to six weeks... !
Yamabxl: Wood stair
Yamabxl: Bird's-eye view ...
Yamabxl: Rainbow staircase
Yamabxl: The yellow lamps
Yamabxl: Looking down in the parking
Yamabxl: The wooden staircase
Yamabxl: Perspective 7
Yamabxl: You go up, I’m on the 15th floor ...
Yamabxl: TV frontage ...
Yamabxl: Dystopian architecture...
Yamabxl: Looking up inside the pyramide
Yamabxl: Looking down red
Yamabxl: Move along, there is nothing to see here... !
Yamabxl: I hate those things. I'm afraid of heights...
Yamabxl: Clouds factory...
Yamabxl: Dystopian world. How do I join you ?...
Yamabxl: Dystopian rainbow
Yamabxl: Dystopian industry
Yamabxl: Looking down blue
Yamabxl: Ram or stair ?...
Yamabxl: The green handrail
Yamabxl: Face to face and eyes in eyes
Yamabxl: The Girl In The Red Coat
Yamabxl: You are loved with an everlasting Love ...
Yamabxl: But they come in wherever they want from the fire escapes !!!
Yamabxl: Up 3
Yamabxl: Orange & yellow
Yamabxl: Ladies in red
Yamabxl: Confetti