joka2000: Cherry blossom in garden
Julian Munilla Rio: Cotorra Argentina _MG_6596
迷惘的人生: 田井
la_resistance28: Concrete surf
la_resistance28: VW classics
la_resistance28: Morning runners
迷惘的人生: 台北街頭
迷惘的人生: 台北街頭
JH_1982: Skyline Silhouette, Frankfurt, Germany
Thomas Hawk: And I Hold You Close in the Back of My Mind
lee.griffiths78: DSC02216
Vladimir Vulf: _DSC3237
Vladimir Vulf: _DSC5287
迷惘的人生: 台北街頭
迷惘的人生: 台北街頭
迷惘的人生: 金背鳩
迷惘的人生: 田井
迷惘的人生: 柯姿
迷惘的人生: 柯姿
vicch7: Manhattan
nkguyot: Eyes & meal
nkguyot: Eyes
nkguyot: Red admiral taking a slurp
nkguyot: Muscari armeniacum
nkguyot: I'll bee back
mawingchung,,,: 2023-03-26_04-45-18
ian_taylor_photography: Hornbill Eats a Seed
riebandtklaus: 006/23 Haubentaucher Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus 26.03.23
Art_Reid: With Skoda manufactured 35 (t) at the former Aberdeen Proving Grounds museum, Aberdeen MD, June 2006