marek&anna: View from the Platamon castle hill on Neos Panteleimonas settlement
marek&anna: An ancient cast iron grape press in front of a winery in the Old Town of Monterosso al Mare
marek&anna: Cecilienhof... an ornately tiled and decorated fireplace in the study room of Joseph Stalin
marek&anna: Książ Castle... wall sconces in the Italian Reception Room
marek&anna: The Crowd Buster
marek&anna: "Koźlak" windmill built in 1902
marek&anna: snowman without any snow
marek&anna: Once upon a time... in Riomaggiore
marek&anna: house with a sandbox
marek&anna: Italy, Riomaggiore... fence withe a Ginestrone flowers
marek&anna: Christmas evening
marek&anna: Wawel Hill... entrance to the Dragon's Den
marek&anna: Krakow... Jan Matejko monument by Jan Tutaj
marek&anna: the ubiquitous light over Krakow
marek&anna: neighbor
marek&anna: gargoyle of the Wawel Castle tower
marek&anna: Prague seen from the steep garden
marek&anna: Dresden... Castle, Church of the Royal Court of Saxony and Saxon State Opera
marek&anna: fermenter vats in the historic underground of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery
marek&anna: Koblenz, Winnigen... Röttgen vineyard
marek&anna: Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, Schiller Monument
marek&anna: Vicenza... reliquary in the crypt of Santa Corona Church
marek&anna: Vienna... reflections
marek&anna: Vicenza... church of Santa Corona
marek&anna: Gdańsk... Sherman Firefly fitted with 17-pounder anti-tank gun
marek&anna: Castellina in Chianti.. church of Saint Salvador
marek&anna: Brno... Church of St. James nave vaulting
marek&anna: Czech Republic... Frydlant Castle armory
marek&anna: Prague... Saint Vitus Cathedral
marek&anna: celluloid treasures