marek&anna: demon on the exterior wall of Aachen cathedral
marek&anna: in the Oliwa Park
marek&anna: Danzig... decorative ceiling of the Great Council Hall
marek&anna: Koblenz... curious figurine behind the window glass
marek&anna: watchtower of the Reichenstein Castle
marek&anna: Seckau Abbey... a spring with a mosaic
marek&anna: manhole cover
marek&anna: Side exit in the fortress wall of the Barbican in Krakow
marek&anna: Berlin TV tower with a light cross called the Pope's Revenge
marek&anna: follow-up to flowers
marek&anna: follow-up to flowers
marek&anna: Krakow... old Tobacco Factory
marek&anna: manhole of the FANSULD Iron Foundry
marek&anna: Yamaha Star
marek&anna: Yamaha riders on break
marek&anna: organ music in the Messina Cathedral
marek&anna: Mikulov Castle
marek&anna: tree on a fortified slope
marek&anna: gazebo at the Wawel castle
marek&anna: a mountain village of Palaios Panteleimonas
marek&anna: Krakow... National Museum edifice in a spherical perspective
marek&anna: Taormina, Folk Museum... marionettes at the museum exhibition
marek&anna: Trier... gate's detail from the High Cathedral of Saint Peter
marek&anna: Krakow... the Carpenter's Tower
marek&anna: Krakow... Barbican
marek&anna: The Princes Czartoryski Museum in Krakow
marek&anna: Lucca... tiny suite at Piazza dell'Anfiteatro no 9
marek&anna: Cats of Acropolis
marek&anna: Pfalz Castle on the Falkenau island
marek&anna: Sicily... insides of Etna