marek&anna: hidden treasure from the Great Meteorion Monastery
marek&anna: side street of Litochoro... at the base of Mount Olympus
marek&anna: view from the Auronzo di Cadore in the Belluno Dolomites
marek&anna: Old Castle
marek&anna: Adoration of the Christ Child by Gerrit van Honthorst, c. 1620
marek&anna: mural on the campus building
marek&anna: Charlottenburg palace interior
marek&anna: clock from a museum display case in the the Neuer Pavillon of Charlottenburg
marek&anna: Sipiada marble quarry, some call it the Carrara of Greece
marek&anna: Artificial beach at Namesti Svobode square in Brno
marek&anna: Löwenstein House
marek&anna: today in the park's pond
marek&anna: backstreet with a bicycle
marek&anna: Neo-Renaissance Town Hall
marek&anna: Neptune´s Fountain
marek&anna: pure goody
marek&anna: Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridiana - sundial
marek&anna: Goldenes Dachl in the historic district of Innsbruck
marek&anna: private garden overlooking the city of Bologna
marek&anna: Floral Concept Store
marek&anna: reading room in the open air
marek&anna: Stairway to Heaven
marek&anna: Old Town Hall
marek&anna: the full Wolf Moon as of today at around 6 am.
marek&anna: property guard
marek&anna: old military guardhouse booth
marek&anna: strange fate of that strange monument
marek&anna: Crack in the sky
marek&anna: last hours before 2020 on the Main Market Square
marek&anna: last hours before 2020 on the Main Market Square