W.L.M.II: This Family Photo is OVER!
W.L.M.II: Last One to the Tractor is a Rotten Pumpkin!
W.L.M.II: Lee Harvey Oswald
W.L.M.II: The rescue mission
W.L.M.II: The Hero
W.L.M.II: maskless mischief
W.L.M.II: Smooch from Mommy, atop the hay bunker
W.L.M.II: A melon to match my dress
W.L.M.II: Stuck in the hay bunker
W.L.M.II: Dust Storm Casualty
W.L.M.II: Pumpkin Hunt
W.L.M.II: team work photography
W.L.M.II: Not sure about this
W.L.M.II: A fine dirt apple
W.L.M.II: cousins looking for apples
W.L.M.II: adjustments
W.L.M.II: a good fake smile
W.L.M.II: Here you go, Dad.
W.L.M.II: An Awkward Toddler Kiss
W.L.M.II: My Lovely Wife
W.L.M.II: The Mystery Magnification Man
W.L.M.II: Waiting for a High Chair
W.L.M.II: Top Ten Best Places to Eat Ice in St. Louis
W.L.M.II: Colt Lovemaker
W.L.M.II: The Precocious Mermaid 10th panel change.
W.L.M.II: The Precocious Mermaid
W.L.M.II: Butter Bot's Final Thought
W.L.M.II: Butter Bot's Final Thought Time Lapse
W.L.M.II: Safety Bot Rescue Model Mk III
W.L.M.II: Safety Bot Rescue Model Mk III Time Lapse