swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Star Magnolia Buds. We are a week away from things really breaking loose
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Brier leaf buds still holding water droplets from last nights rain.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): When one thinks of spring it's usually flowers, birds singing, warm weather and just getting out after being penned up all winter. However.....in the great lakes.........! More winter !
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Buckeye tree flowers are coming along. We need another week of warm weather to get them blooming.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Sand Cherry. Oak Openings preserve. Blooms now thru the end of June.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Went up river yesterday evening to see what if anything was going on. When I arrived the place was deserted.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Landscape shot in the far northern end ( Secor ) Pink dog woods are scattered through here.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): I could spend a week just walking around looking for the unusual configurations and colors nature produces in the spring as the sprint toward fall begins
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Birdsfoot Violet. March - June, dry sandy fields and open woods. Ranges from eastern Canada to Maine, south to Georgia and west to Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): After a week of heavy rain and dark overcast it looks like we are going to get a break. They are predicting temps in the 70's and sunshine. We will see ! It is still spring and it's still the great lakes. Their forecast can change in a few hours.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Butterweed. This is rare around here ! Found it growing in my back yard. I would guess that due to the proximity of the railroad it may have hitched a ride. It has been found in Ohio but not this far north I would guess
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Dandelion seed head. I have these all over the place. because of the weather during the last week I have a bumper crop.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Wild Geranium. April-June. Habitat- woods, thickets, and meadows. Range. Ontario to the Atlantic coast, south to Georgia, west to Oaklahoma and north to Minnesota.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Large Flowered Trillium. When they first started to bloom I took a shot on one and it was pure white. They are now half way through the life cycleand are turning magenta. habitat, rich woods, thickets and in basic or neutral soil.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Taken rght after a thunder storm. I was after macro shots of the autumn olive and anything else I spotted or flew by me. 1930-2000 EST.
swampgas2 ( read my profile ): Spotted these just off to my left after I was on sager road. I beleive these are purple leek flowers ( onion family ) I am going to have to check to be sure.
Linnea from Sweden: Russian Orthodox Church, Alaska
Linnea from Sweden: Autumn Tree
Linnea from Sweden: Sea Stacks Alaska
Linnea from Sweden: Majestic Alaska
Linnea from Sweden: City Street Snow Removal
Linnea from Sweden: Walking in the City
Linnea from Sweden: Spruce Trees and Mountains, Alaska Landscape
Rui Baptista Photography: An Image From Hell's Webcam
marijoperier: Fleurs de prunier