valery_pokotylo: So what’s going to happen? I have no idea. I don’t have a single hunch. Just try to stay healthy and hygienic and things should be fine.
valery_pokotylo: For a whole year, the small bulbs of these crocuses were waiting for spring. And they waited, and now they are blooming. And we will wait! Need to believe.
valery_pokotylo: “In a difficult moment of life ...” Ensemble of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: The Scream. Forest version of Munch's painting.
valery_pokotylo: Paradise on the window.
valery_pokotylo: “Skyscrapers are skyscrapers - but I'm so small. I’m scared, I’m sad, I’m losing my peace. ” / V. Tokarev / :-)
valery_pokotylo: 2007. April. Khreshchatyk without cars. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: 2007. Podil. Old and construction new Gavanskiy bridges. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: 2007. Podil, between Ilyinskaya, Bratskaya, Borisoglebskaya streets, instead of the “Lastochka” garment factory, the construction of the first stage of the retail and office center was completed. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Spring, but only through glass. Self-isolation. How long?
valery_pokotylo: A swarm of little butterflies.
valery_pokotylo: Light and shades.
valery_pokotylo: “I looked at azaleas like at the paradise bushes, And the purple rhododendron was absolute beauty.” / Sasha Cherny, “In the Greenhouse”, 1912 / Rhododendron. Ericaceae.
valery_pokotylo: Rhododendron. Ericaceae.
valery_pokotylo: Camellia in the botanical garden in January. Theaceae.
valery_pokotylo: The house of commerce, popularly called “House with a Pompom,” is the first Soviet skyscraper in Kyiv to disfigure the green line of the Kyiv hills.
valery_pokotylo: A view of the St. Andrew's Church from the Historical Museum. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Reconstructed staircase descent from the Landscape Alley in the tract Gonchary-Kozhemyaki. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: The knights have been already exchanged ....
valery_pokotylo: Impressive in any light. St. Vladimir's Cathedral. Evening. Kyiv. Ukraine..
valery_pokotylo: Monument to the Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Old tree: “Everything goes too lousy in our world - certainly, in the last 20 years!”
valery_pokotylo: Small river Nyvka. Svyatoshyn. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: One Way. Brest-Lithuanian Avenue. Svyatoshyn Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Hippeastrum "Special" from Holland. Height 20 cm x width 18 cm.
valery_pokotylo: “Do not leave the room, Lock yourself up and barricade yourself with a closet from chronos, space, eros, race, virus.” /Joseph Brodsky, 1970 / Coronavirus Foresight? :-(
valery_pokotylo: Amaryllis «Princes Claire». Princesse Claire from Belgium has her own Amaryllis!
valery_pokotylo: "Hi! Do you like me?" :-)
valery_pokotylo: “Do not leave the room, do not make a mistake .... consider that you have been blown away.” /Joseph Brodsky, 1970 / Coronavirus Foresight? :-(
valery_pokotylo: Sunset in the colors.