valery_pokotylo: Christians believed that the lily sprouted from Eve's tears when she left paradise. Purple lily. Liliaceae.
valery_pokotylo: At dawn, a thick fog covered the horizon with a white veil, but the sun - a great artist - will "paint" it again.
valery_pokotylo: 2008. Reconstruction of the eastern section of the bridge. Reinforced concrete will replace iron. Bay Bridge. San Francisco.
valery_pokotylo: Amazon lily. Eucharis grandiflora. Eucharis amazoniса. Amaryllidaceae.
valery_pokotylo: The Guyva River near the village of Starosillya (near Stara Kotelnya). Zhytomyr Region. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Domes of the Assumption Cathedral (left) and Refectory chamber with the temple of Anthony and Theodosius. Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Annunciation Cathedral. Svyatoshyn. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Columbine. Granny’s bonnet. Aquilégia. Ranunculaceae.
valery_pokotylo: Evening primrose, Common eve. Oenothera biennis. Onagraceae.
valery_pokotylo: Each Hemerocalis flower blooms for only one day. 😢
valery_pokotylo: Campsis orange. Bignoniaceae.
valery_pokotylo: There are fogs on the river, an early pink dawn, people sleep tired, and when they wake up, there is nothing.
valery_pokotylo: A little bit more and a miracle will take place, and the Sun, like a bun, will rise over the world.
valery_pokotylo: Indian chocolate. Geum rivale, the water avens, is a flowering plant of the family Rosaceae.
valery_pokotylo: St. George the Victorious Cathedral. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: May day. Park "Nyvky". Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Creamy strawberry. Fragaria viridis. Rosaceae.
valery_pokotylo: Holy spring on the territory of the monastery. St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Almost selfie. Hippeastrum Red and Orange striped.
valery_pokotylo: A reservoir on the Guyva River. Andrushivka. Zhytomyr region. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: 2007. A view of the Construction in the Gonchary-Kozhemyaki tract from the Castle Hill. Kyiv. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: "Hemerocallis symbolizes the affection of children to their mother. It is regarded as a mother flower in the Chinese world". ted762563
valery_pokotylo: The road to Nehvoroshch. Galchyn. Pustoha river. Zhytomyr region. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Early morning. The Guyva River near the village of Ivankov. View against the flow. Zhytomyr Region. Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: In the Victorian language of flowers, lilies portray love, ardor, and affection for your loved ones.
valery_pokotylo: Resurrection Church Florovsky female monastery. 1824, Kyiv, Ukraine.
valery_pokotylo: Tanacetum corimbosum or Tanacetum parthenium (?). Asteraceae. Corymbflower tansy.
valery_pokotylo: August, 1. Congratulations, Elias! Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 🍷🌹
valery_pokotylo: Depict modesty and shyness. 😂
valery_pokotylo: Yes, ordinary, but a Rose! 😉