bballchico: chopped Chevy pickup
Photography by Bob W: Motel Sign - Titusville
FotoEdge: RIDE LIKE THE WIND - Kansas City, Missouri USA
Thomas Hawk: I Think I'll Tell You Something
Thomas Hawk: My One and Only Love
Jef Poskanzer: Gus's Special
earthdog: Hoagie
Thomas Hawk: The Lark Motel
nedlugr: The Western Lands
Thomas Hawk: Life in the Mission
Thomas Hawk: The Erotic Dance
monsieur Burns: "It's a cocoon of self-banishment.”
JH_1982: Panathenaic Stadium, Athens, Greece
JH_1982: Three Bells of Fira at Sunset, Fira, Santorini, Greece
Dawg Gone: Give me a jump please...
Dawg Gone: jack31
monsieur Burns: "Etre errant et sembler libre, c'est être perdu."
monsieur Burns: "Please excuse these two, they're themselves today."
monsieur Burns: "N'écoutant que son courage, qui ne lui disait rien, il se garda d'intervenir."
Asif Hasnat Monon: Traffic light trails
monsieur Burns: Usual suspect
Jsned66: Edith E
Thomas Hawk: A Boy and His Tunnel
Thomas Hawk: A Little Bit of Caymus