rickwil64: Straight On Through (To The Other Side)
barneskent: Wild Herd Headed to Water
walkerross42: Isolation
rickwil64: Fog And Clouds
rickwil64: Wheat Right Up To The Door
rickwil64: You Can Still Get To The 2nd Floor_re-edit
Tim Archer Photos: Sunset smooch
spotwolf5: Up Cedar Canyon to Sacagawea Peak. 11,936 ft. Lost River Range
rickwil64: Last Rodeo
OutdoorMonkey: Cille Choirill
rickwil64: Windmill To The Rear
rickwil64: Once Upon A Time...
rickwil64: Some Blue Showing
rickwil64: Grand Ol' House
rickwil64: The Chickens Have Flown The Coop
rickwil64: Down In The Draw
rickwil64: Siding Is Starting To Go
walkerross42: Last Evening Light
rickwil64: Some Windows Are Boarded Up
rickwil64: Dark, Cloudy Day
rickwil64: Lots of Unbroken Glass
rickwil64: School's Been Out For Quite Some Time
nober29: DSC_5813
rickwil64: Loneliness
rickwil64: Been Gone A Long Time
walkerross42: Ice on the Move
rickwil64: No More School Bells