dannyhennesy: Ripley´s Alien having terrible nightmares about erectile Tonge Problems and what that would do to it´s and Her relationship (Contemporary abstract artwork By Danny Hennesy 2021 )
dannyhennesy: Surrealism in the real world mason wall door in concrete wall Fineart urban photography by MushroomBrain IMG_7966 (1)
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: Barbarian faction of the black dragon cult at a rally in a dark dungeon in the Dragon Fortres (AFOL MOC LEGO Vignette)IMG_0003
dannyhennesy: The Patsy praying the judge for redemption for the crime he didn´t commit no redemption for the patsy since it was the Judge who committed Murder in Paradise (CoNtemporary naive outsider artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0002
dannyhennesy: ATC No. 6 and 7 Fluffy ripped and Bulging dotted Acrylics and Biro pen on Playing cards 5 of spades and 9 of clubs by MushroomBrain
dannyhennesy: Clown, Match and Gasoline Vintage Aquarelle by Danny Hennesy´s Sketchbooks suicidal circus freak IMG_7016
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: three scavengers lowering themselves in to the hull of a space-wreck in search of loot and treasure (LEGO AFOL MOC) IMG_0015 (1)
dannyhennesy: Colony of a Dancing organism in coexistence with it self and the rhythm makes up the cortex coordination for the greater good of all involved ( contemporary painting by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0001 (1)
dannyhennesy: Nazca Runway Night Vision air View at Night when it was fully operational in daily use by UFO´s and other spacecraft vehicles (contemporary arbstrat artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021 ) IMG_0001
dannyhennesy: Malmö City Hall wing facade old architecture of a building IMG_1502
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: Rank and file Ship transport lines of knights consumed by the war against the Barbarian faction (LEGO AFOL vignette) IMG_0003
dannyhennesy: Alien Nature boy Revisited yet again speaking words of arcane wisdom to no one specific ( contemporary figurative artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021 )IMG_0001 (1)
dannyhennesy: Public Statue artwork metallic Bear on rubble with water catching fish IMG_5870
dannyhennesy: "The Icy Creeper monster" habitant of a frozen exo-world thriving in close to absolute zero, it´s metabolism is so slow it takes it 10.000 years to crap! (contemporary abstract art by Danny Hennesy 2021 ) IMG_0002
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: Live concert with Lulu Butch & the Overkills Heavy metal band in packed rock club on the party world of IbizXena cosmopolitan band and audience IMG_0008
dannyhennesy: at the Arganon Cluster close to Andromeda through Convergent Evolution their `females` have evolved to fake platinum blondes too (contemporary figurative artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021 )
dannyhennesy: "How a human looks through the eyes of a Mantis shrimps superior Eye-vision" Contemporary artwork series by contemporary MushroomBrain Painter 2021
dannyhennesy: KÖÖ in Vienna where me and Ülker used to play pool (and drink beer) IMG_8832
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: The secret cave in the wood where the Queen and the peasant Lover of her meet is their own little romantic world (AFOL MOC Nature display)
dannyhennesy: Two unidentified semi-submerged floating USO Objects Emerging the British coast close to Skegness at Autumn (surreal Landscape painting by Danny Hennesy contemporary art 2021) IMG_0001
dannyhennesy: Cryptzoological Codex Zoo Parchment Bestiary wisdom from Past Hennesy´s
dannyhennesy: Silicon Dreams in the main cortex of a artificial entities fine detail of the main cortex structures seen from the inside superior to Biological brains (contemporary abstract art by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0002 (1)
dannyhennesy: Classic space: Human astronaut (minfig) emergency refueling of spaceship mini cruiser on alien reptile world (AFOL LEGO SCI-Fi MOC)
dannyhennesy: Quarter of a girl found and undeciphered strange alien script reused for new purpose ( contemporary artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021 )IMG_0003
dannyhennesy: My toy universe before the great cleaning purge to make more room for creation (toy collections)IMG_2083
dannyhennesy: Classic Castle: Revenge Kingdom troops and knights storm a small barbarian outpost AFOL LEGO Medieval battlefield war IMG_0011
dannyhennesy: "A cuttlefish / nautilus Hybrid Dreaming Psychedelic Dreams a future similar partner as handsome as to reproduce with" ( contemporary Abstract painting/draw by Danny Hennesy Artwork)
dannyhennesy: Trea trunk looking like an alien Landscape urban nature explored by MushroomBrain
dannyhennesy: Classic Space: engine room of a large cruiser spaceship nuclear reactor core drive and technicians working the speed and thrust AFOL 2021
dannyhennesy: surreal Nature Boy revisited still touching the moon levitating at the same spot after all these years (contemporary art by Danny Hennesy 2021) IMG_0001 (1)