dusk_rider: Locked away
cogdogblog: Shadow Snooze (1: Color)
Sat Sue: Takeshita station
Sat Sue: River and Bicycle
H-1: Poppy
Johnson Cameraface: a winter autumn
NOL LUV DI 2: Whanganui 17
mazzmo: Winter warmth
Johntasaurus: Rock Me Amadeus!
A.C.Bya: OI000008
riesebusch: Männlicher Grünfink und Spatz an der Futterröhre - Male greenfinch and sparrow at the feeder
Johntasaurus: Outreach
dusk_rider: Jackdaw with bread, flying over a chimney
Petr Horak: Cloudy afternoon in Livigno
VintageLensLover: Speckled HMM
Neal.: Speckled marble.
PEN-F_Fan: Charge Here
katerha: Eleven am and no natural light to be found......just the glow from the street lights that are still on .....sigh, storm coming in 22/365 #cy365 #lescheneaux #lescheneauxislands #streetlight
Stephi 2006: looking for the summer.
Frank Lindecke: Entspannung
Petr Horak: Winter hat
grongar: Did you know I'm the Log Lady?
rainerralph: glass gorge I
dusk_rider: Bee at tea
R. Leu - 呂: hopeful
Sat Sue: Cafe terrace
rickmcnelly: Adorable Star dog
lippold.tobias: ..... mit Hund