Theolde: Disko bay at evening
Theolde: Eqi
Theolde: Disko bay 4
Theolde: Disco bay at sunset
Theolde: Icetextures
Theolde: Ice sculpture
Theolde: Ilulissat Icefjord
Theolde: Hallamölla falls
Theolde: Jetty
Theolde: Stone wall, Drakamöllan NR
Theolde: Drakamöllan NR, short photowalk to enjoy the vast fields of blooming heather
Theolde: Stripes
Theolde: Moonrise
Theolde: Ready for harvest (Odarslöv)
Theolde: Odarslöv's church
Theolde: Mist
Theolde: Grönby countryside
Theolde: Rolling hills near Hällåkra wineyards.
Theolde: Some are sacrificed for others to thrive
Theolde: Barley field
Theolde: King of the hill
Theolde: Bends
Theolde: Between showers
Theolde: Testing after sunset at my favorite testing site. Shot in XPAN-format in camera.
Theolde: Greens are at its peak.
Theolde: Kadesjö, This old majestic oak just got its new leaves and a magic yellow-greenish light was filtering down the foilage.
Theolde: Kadesjö
Theolde: Corona walks
Theolde: Canola flowers
Theolde: Reynisdrangar