Theolde: Neist lighthouse
Theolde: Eilean Donan Castle
Theolde: Fiery morning a Fairy pools January 2015
Theolde: Skjelfjord, Flakstad Lofoten.
Theolde: Mont Blanc
Theolde: Low clouds
Theolde: Tussocks
Theolde: Photo session
Theolde: skärån
Theolde: Kullen
Theolde: Ready for departure
Theolde: Bangård
Theolde: Malmö Central station
Theolde: Hamnöya pano
Theolde: Hamnöy
Theolde: Reine panorama
Theolde: A kelping hand
Theolde: skagsand patterns
Theolde: breaking waves
Theolde: Beach poetry
Theolde: 3:rd day of the workshop, and again fantastic weather
Theolde: Lofoten
Theolde: Haukland beach
Theolde: Lonely tree on a muddy road at sunset
Theolde: Slow flow
Theolde: Seals
Theolde: Skåre
Theolde: Jällabjer
Theolde: Knösen
Theolde: Sunset Vorupør August 2018