sniggie: Smoky Mountains sunrise
sniggie: Fc=mv^2/r
sniggie: Glade Creek Gristmill
sniggie: He told me not to dismiss him
sniggie: Hiking Joshua Tree National Park
sniggie: Never before has a boy wanted more
sniggie: Adolescent Arabians
sniggie: First day of spring in my Kentucky county
sniggie: Putin targets American frackers for market share; pump prices tumble
sniggie: To the Promised Land
sniggie: Churches silenced in 2020
sniggie: Among Mammoth Cave's first green buds of spring
sniggie: Horsing around
sniggie: It was the sorrowful look of leaving
sniggie: Discovery Park of America
sniggie: Where's the tp price spike, Adam Smith?
sniggie: Bluegrass blossoms
sniggie: Bikers
sniggie: Virginia dawn from Cumberland Gap
sniggie: Autumn's amber and blue
sniggie: Sandhill cranes
sniggie: Patrick O'Sheas Pub
sniggie: Downy blossoms over a placid lake
sniggie: Apollo and Soyuz connect
sniggie: She had me at shhhh
sniggie: Be a pineapple
sniggie: Last one out
sniggie: Bridgford Meat Markets, Chicago
sniggie: Morn over McCormick Place
sniggie: Ring catchlight on Heather