Harald Steeg: Blaue Passionsblume
See what I see.: Window with a view
Rmonty119: #8152 National Museum
Mark Snaps Pics: Cassiopeia
Dan Landron: The Painted Ladies
Eyal Peleg: Johnstown Castle Gardens
Silke8600: Hotel Alsik and Multi kulturhuset
Renate van den Boom: Sunrise at Oudeschild, Texel (The Netherlands)
Rmonty119: #7927 Cooma,Tree
JHaffling: Brattfallet Bridge
Rolf Majewski: Ein Wochenende in Holland
Pixelated Sky: Listening for the Wind
Dave Bluesman Bass NO INVITES.: Haylodge Park and Tweed in Autumn Mist-9477-15-2
Alfredo Liverani: Wars of the Roses
Pixelated Sky: Pretty in Pink
Slávka K: path
boeckli: Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. (Leonardo da Vinci)
boeckli: The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. (John Burroughs)
Paul D. McCarthy: Little Dainty Things
ajhaysom: Grevillea Kew 2019-10-09 (5D4_6532)
alideniese: On the verge
J.Weyerhäuser: Farbtupfer im grauen Herbst
dorotheazinsser: Freitagsblümchen
Alfredo Liverani: The last dandelion
prettyV2013: Nature Painting
risaclics: Soft and flexible
Tomo M: flying cosmos flower