Alleged purpletrator Colors spring to mind Atop the great wall Always lurking in the shadows: more work! I'm from a proud family of mischief makers... A-beer out of nowhere... Dear John leather Bottle of the ages Inspired by the sun Spring starts sewn This title will have you in stitches... Last-stitch effort Hedge your PEZ! Three‘s a Kraut So close, yet out o'range! Multiplying Re-presents a treasured memory And U2, Simply Red? Red-orical question A sight for sore ice In all drop-ability? Tine and tinier Twice as grapeful Nature‘s spark of genius Here to brighten your day! Some chocolate and you're golden Lean on me The search for the second one may drag-on for ages Socks to be me, I guess... Maybe we’re not spiralling out of... but into control?