shacker: Temmodog says hey
shacker: Turri Toad, SLO
shacker: Great blue heron, tucking in for the night
shacker: Deer family foraging
shacker: Ward setting up the next shot
shacker: Elephant seal cove near Chimney Rock
shacker: Father and son fishing
shacker: Statues at Hindu Monastery
shacker: Log jammed on a breakwater
shacker: Into the cloud layer at Pinnacles
shacker: Little boxes, made of ticky-tacky
shacker: Kebra was here
shacker: Sea ya later, 2021 - you’ve been a wreck
shacker: Snorkeling selfie, wave crashing overhead
shacker: “Living in the moment is a gift - that’s why it’s called the present.” -Ted Lasso
shacker: Against the current
shacker: Trail at Hillside
shacker: Looking up from Cook's Meadow, Yosemite
shacker: Standup paddleboards in Morro Bay
shacker: Sunset pier at Pt. Isabelle
shacker: Phosphorescent algae water at Soulajule Reservoir
shacker: You are now leaving the Dinosaur Forest
shacker: Puffy cloud over Black Hill
shacker: Cattle pond at Alvarado
shacker: Cypress at Alvarado
shacker: Hipster mom
shacker: Richmond refinery
shacker: Light towers at Sensorio
shacker: Blackberry leaf, turning
shacker: Studebaker tassles