fedorov.maksim: andreas_feininger_statue_of_liberty_1981
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ricksoloway: f_elphhotel_6
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ricksoloway: f_elphhotel_compos
theatretalks: New Logan Hotel, Coney Island
RhinoSkin: coco indio
Michael Paul Smith: The Psychic Series of the 1920s
ricksoloway: f_nywf_lagoon
liu.pohao: 歷史博物館
Are Oh Why: Opening Night Luna Park, Coney Island - 1903
Are Oh Why: Coney Island's Dreamland at Night - 1905
ho_hokus: Suburban Diner Route 17 / How I take a picture with a Fuji Instax 210 camera
canon7dude: Dust Black - Uncle John 1938
canon7dude: Dust and Scratch removal
~Pixelsmithy: Instruction Sheet for Yashica Auxiliary Lens set (Electro 35)
danmdan: Polaroid pressure spring removed
Museum of Photographic Arts Collections: Dudley Street Station, Looking South, May 8, 1900
Museum of Photographic Arts Collections: Canon de Chelly - Navaho