Lisa Percival: His new thing is drinking out of the tub faucet. It used to be the sink so we got him a cat fountain (or two) but now he found this faucet and he insists we turn it on for him. He doesn’t care how wet he gets.
Lisa Percival: My Venus fly trap seems to be thriving and so does something that was either in the old bag of moss I had or the new bag of carnivores potting soil I just bought. I don’t know whether to pull them or see what they do.
Lisa Percival: In August 1995 we were on this plane when it lost an engine over Iowa. It was scary. We managed to make an emergency landing in Des Moines. We were met by emergency vehicles that were ready to put out any fires but all was ok. We rented a car from there a
Lisa Percival: Assessing the damaging and taking off the tarps and found this guy trying to hitchhike to a colder climate.
Lisa Percival: I don’t know what’s going on, it should be sunny and 70.
Lisa Percival: So it’s officially graupeling here. We can’t just get snow or sleet, it has to be something weird. #NWSSanAntonio
Lisa Percival: The power came on at midnight but I’m still covered in blankets and sleeping cats. I’m not holding out any hope the power is on to stay. Oh, and it’s snowing again. #SanAntonio #Texas
Lisa Percival: I didn't go out and take a lot of photos but our outside cameras got some good shots when the power would fail.
Lisa Percival: One of the things we are fortunate to have is a gas fireplace, stove, and water heater. Without those all these days without power would have been even more unbearable. #Squeaky #Texas #SanAntonio #poweroutage. We did have 5 hours of power Tuesday so that
Lisa Percival: Sitting here as it gets dark with only a flashlight and the fireplace for light, spool knitting to keep from going crazy. (or more crazy)
Lisa Percival: Just started snowing and it’s really coming down. #sanantonio
Lisa Percival: Trying to get everything covered before the winter storm gets here. A lot of stuff won’t make it through the temps they predict. I think we have more heaters planned than we have power.
Lisa Percival: The first Apple Watch. Sorta, it’s an iPod Nano in the an original iWatch band. I’ve had this Nano plugged in charging for YEARS.
Lisa Percival: A little SuperBowl history. was the first .com company to run a SuperBowl ad. They went out of business the same year (2000). They were just ahead of their time. I still have their mascot unopened. #VintageTechNerd
Lisa Percival: Went out to prune the roses back but they were already blooming. Pathetically, but there were some that were already dried up. It’s been very warm here but we’re supposed to get a freeze in a few days after everything has woken up.
Lisa Percival: This is Bear. One of the smartest cats ever. This is a scan from a print that I developed myself years ago. 1980’s
Lisa Percival: This is a small poinsettia plant growing in a tiny copper ornament that I got before Xmas in 2019. Somehow I managed to keep it alive which amazes me. A tiny drop of fertilizer brought out the red.
Lisa Percival: Why we can’t have a bird for a pet.
Lisa Percival: The Brugmansia is still blooming. It just doesn’t care it’s winter.
Lisa Percival: Replacing the bulging battery in an old Gen 3 iPad.
Lisa Percival: Installed a new version of CircuitPython on a Gemma M0 board to be part of a wearable. Amazingly, it worked the first time.
Lisa Percival: The plants out back have their own heater, and heat lamps, and covers, and the ones in the greenhouses have heaters. Last night was our coldest night so far but everything looks pretty good today.
Lisa Percival: Is 2:30am to late to practice some scales? It’s been a few years since I’ve practiced and I feel the need to make a lot of noise.
Lisa Percival: My next victim that will be made into a long knitted snake. #spoolknitting
Lisa Percival: The neighbors unicorn is about to gallop off.
Lisa Percival: Sogo-Gotris This one hasn’t bloomed in a few years so I had forgotten what it looked like.
Lisa Percival: The film cleaning brush I used in high school was made with Polonium. ☠️
Lisa Percival: Merry Christmas
Lisa Percival: The Gerbera Daisy is blooming like it’s summer.
Lisa Percival: Cali. She has never liked having her photo taken but she was too tired to leave after enjoying some new Christmas silver vine.