Uwe Kögler: Cornwall, Penbeth Cove
crub2016: Chestnut-headed bee-eater sitting on barbed wire
MGness / urbexery.com: All things change, and we change with them.
scrappy nw: Grand Imperial Studio of J. Monk
Sophia-Fatima: die Motel im Winter
mjdezo: Appalachian old mill
fotofish64: Glens Falls Feeder Canal
Joseph-A: South St Vrain Creek, CO - Pano
skusha skusha: P1310720
S Collins 2011: Eask tower dingle
stephenhjcole: Bird with moustash
gerdjandijk: Budapest zoo
fotofish64: Rural Sunset
Harry 66: the last way...
Hans Olofsson: Winter are coming
The Hobbit Hole: The Cabin
delnaet: cakes
Charles.Louis: Beaune / Remparts - Bastion Notre-Dame dit aussi bastion des buttes
peter_sossi: In autunno sul Carso
ceca67: Tulip
Malc H: Coming In To Land
dayvmac: Eritrea Railway
Catherine Gidzinska and Simon Gidzinski: Bougainville tribe, Papua New Guinea
Jesús Cabanillas: Abrevadero
rcomard3: Tulipe / Tulip
Arbizu, Nafarroa,: Errotz - Arakil
$€¥ƒ\AЯT#: Yalla Nationalpark
spazioabbandono: Red Velvet.
Fox Art': Lost hotel