AboutSchmidt:-): Seeing Red
AboutSchmidt:-): Barred Owl
AboutSchmidt:-): Whatcom Road Fall Celebration
AboutSchmidt:-): Autumn Glow
AboutSchmidt:-): Golden Larch Needles
AboutSchmidt:-): Fall Transitions on Frosty Mountain
AboutSchmidt:-): The Jump
AboutSchmidt:-): Gold Stream Provincial Park
AboutSchmidt:-): Pure Gold
AboutSchmidt:-): Kinslow Trestle
AboutSchmidt:-): Final Approach
AboutSchmidt:-): Western Gulls Food Fight
AboutSchmidt:-): Black Footed Albatross
AboutSchmidt:-): Beaver Chewing
AboutSchmidt:-): Our Hero Terry Fox - Photo 2/2
AboutSchmidt:-): Our Hero Terry Fox
AboutSchmidt:-): Mount Baker On Fire
AboutSchmidt:-): Sunset With A Twist
AboutSchmidt:-): Quebec Barn
AboutSchmidt:-): Old Companions
AboutSchmidt:-): A Pembroke Morning
AboutSchmidt:-): Heron on a pole
AboutSchmidt:-): Lytton Forest Fire 2021
AboutSchmidt:-): Red, Yellow, Green
AboutSchmidt:-): Got some food?
AboutSchmidt:-): Wood Duck Flying
AboutSchmidt:-): Wood Duck Dance
AboutSchmidt:-): Prairie Ghost
AboutSchmidt:-): Fall Frost in meadow