Mr. Jalapeño: The Tower
Hilton Chen: Aloha Bowl
Landscape Photography Magazine: Buron, Aubrac, France by Fabien Guittard
r8r: Woman w Cellphone
Don Briggs: Trees with Fog
Marc Briggs: Bob, outstanding in his field
Dancing Snake Nature Photography: _45A2640 Bobcat ©Dancing Snake Nature Photography
kcvensel: Green Roots
pdxsafariguy: Rich History
horstmall: Burgbrünnele
r8r: People
J.R. Moran: Little Unsteady
Trey Ratcliff: View from The Remarkables
Gary Calicott Photo: 20170715_IMG_1632_gary_calicott_photo_full_size.jpg
Jeff Hobson Photography: Thanksgiving Colors
r8r: girl w gold earring
Dag Ole Nordhaug: November hoarfrost
Panorama Paul: Grasshoppers
Brody J: Upside-Downy~ (Eastern) Male Downy Woodpecker (Dryobates pubescens)
Brody J: Downy Soft~ (Eastern) Male Downy Woodpecker (Dryobates pubescens)
DanielKHC: Hongyadong(洪崖洞)