victorvonsalza: Photographic Moorings
victorvonsalza: SP4449 Holiday Express making the Jump to LightSpeed
victorvonsalza: Holiday Express • Day into Night
victorvonsalza: Columbia Gorge under Filtered Moonlight
victorvonsalza: Holiday Express SP4449 Takes Off
victorvonsalza: Yacolt Falls
victorvonsalza: Holiday Express Chuggin' Along
victorvonsalza: Pilings and Moorings Along the River
victorvonsalza: Reindeer Making the Jump to Light Speed
victorvonsalza: Fall Color Drifting Away
victorvonsalza: Holiday Express • Taking a Break
victorvonsalza: Comet 46P/Wirtanen in Eridanus • December 6, 2018 9PM PST
victorvonsalza: Holiday Express • SP4449 Smoke Ring
victorvonsalza: Lucia Falls
victorvonsalza: Lucia Falls • First Cascade
victorvonsalza: Holiday Express • Temporal Reflection
victorvonsalza: Holiday Express 2019
victorvonsalza: NucleoTiles
victorvonsalza: Vista House • Downstairs Entrance
victorvonsalza: Piling it On
victorvonsalza: Tired of Mucking About
victorvonsalza: Crystal Falls
victorvonsalza: First Light on the First Snow on Mt St Helens • October 27 2018
victorvonsalza: Sellwood Bridge • October 23, 2007
victorvonsalza: Fall Color by the Sellwood Bridge
victorvonsalza: Royal Terrace Falls • Top Tiers
victorvonsalza: Fall Color at Waud Bluff
victorvonsalza: Moorings Along the River
victorvonsalza: The Bridges and Stairs at McEscher Creek Falls
victorvonsalza: No Escaping Fall Color