Alec Williams Photo Collection: McDonald's on University, 1977.
Desidério Soares: Samouco-Portugal
hsadura: Morning Train to downtown Chicago
Astrid1949: Poolshoogte
FotoByOliver: Autumn at Rocky Mountains
Ostseeleuchte: small model sailboats in front of the autumnal Eutin Castle
waielbi: Almanarre Boarder-Cross
J.Weyerhäuser: Sylt Impressionen - Ein Möwenopfer schaut mich an
qaxwkhlm1: Sunset
my.travels: Autumn in Bedford, England [1461]
stefanfricke: MM - Banana reflection
ivanamednansky: Guarding duties :)
koriography [NonPro]: photogrphers choice
koriography [NonPro]: noch so ein Bild...
koriography [NonPro]: bridge over quiet water
koriography [NonPro]: against the sun
ost_jean: Nature.
karstenlützen: DSC00357
sculptorli: scars of history
Mithila ( Off for 4 Months ): Reaching to end point ... But when .. ??
NUZZ369: Snow at Higher Elevations