ragger65: Spotless Sun
ragger65: Moon and Moonlit Clouds
ragger65: Waning Gibbous Moon
ragger65: Crescent Moon Attacked by Dark Clouds
ragger65: "The Last Rose of Summer"
ragger65: Late Houseleek Flower
ragger65: First Quarter Moon
ragger65: Early Autumn Rose
ragger65: Cherry Tomatoes
ragger65: Waxing Gibbous Moon
ragger65: Leafy Weed on the Lawn
ragger65: Autumn Leaves (Red Only)
ragger65: Halloween Full Moon
ragger65: Last Blueberry Leaves
ragger65: Christmas Moon with Golden Handle
ragger65: Snow-Capped Trees
ragger65: Beach Grass in the Snow
ragger65: Wintery Otaru Dream Beach
ragger65: Wintery Zenibako Sunset Beach
ragger65: Wintery Ishikari Beach in Back Light
ragger65: Snowy Dunes at Ishikari Beach
ragger65: Snowy Dunes, the Sea and the Mountains
ragger65: Hibernating Boats
ragger65: April Snow on Last Year's Flowers
ragger65: April Snow on Spruce Tree Branch
ragger65: Waxing Crescent Moon
ragger65: Melting Snow in the Woods
ragger65: Playful Water
ragger65: Tree Silhouette
ragger65: Sakura (Cherry Blossom) on the Campus