ragger65: Not Here! The White North Has Thy Bones
ragger65: Cooks Beach
ragger65: Gum Tree near Cooks Beach
ragger65: Golden Hour at Cooks Beach
ragger65: Golden Hour at Cooks Beach
ragger65: Sunset at Cooks Beach
ragger65: View of Hazards Beach and Wineglass Bay
ragger65: Wineglass Bay Beach
ragger65: Mount Amos Rocks
ragger65: Mount Amos Rock
ragger65: Cape Pillar in Evening Light
ragger65: Cape Pillar
ragger65: Tasman Island
ragger65: Verticality - 300 Metres Down
ragger65: Myrtle Gully Track
ragger65: Gum Trees and Organ Pipes
ragger65: View from Mount Wellington
ragger65: Lake St Clair
ragger65: Sunset at Ocean Beach
ragger65: Gordon River
ragger65: Henty Dunes: Footsteps
ragger65: Frenchmans Cap
ragger65: North-West Bay in Afternoon Light
ragger65: Blue Hour View of Hobart
ragger65: Derwent River under a Cloudy Sky
ragger65: Russell Falls
ragger65: Horseshoe Falls
ragger65: Mountain Flowers