ragger65: Burning Sky over Darmstadt
ragger65: Apples and a Beetle
ragger65: Snowy Field near Darmstadt
ragger65: Midnight Sun at the North Cape
ragger65: Ödkarspitzen (Karwendel mountains)
ragger65: Laliderer Walls and Falkenhütte
ragger65: Laliderer Walls in Backlight
ragger65: Karwendel Panorama
ragger65: Karwendel Morning Scenery
ragger65: Mount Rainier
ragger65: Lake Crescent, Olympic NP
ragger65: Double Rainbow
ragger65: Evening on the Beach
ragger65: Watson River, Kangerlussuaq
ragger65: Mount Dundas, Thule Air Base
ragger65: Sea Ice Patterns
ragger65: Aerial View of a Greenlandic Outlet Glacier
ragger65: Interior of the Ice Sheet
ragger65: Clouds over the Ice Sheet
ragger65: Midnight Sun with Halo
ragger65: Shed, Snow and Frozen Fjord
ragger65: Frozen Fjord near Station Nord
ragger65: Dogs and Ptarmigan at Station Nord
ragger65: Not Here! The White North Has Thy Bones
ragger65: Cooks Beach
ragger65: Gum Tree near Cooks Beach
ragger65: Golden Hour at Cooks Beach
ragger65: Golden Hour at Cooks Beach
ragger65: Sunset at Cooks Beach
ragger65: View of Hazards Beach and Wineglass Bay