Peter Quinn1: Facing the Sun
rmk2112rmk: Verdigris Agaric, Eartham Woods, West Sussex, UK
Turk Images: One Year on Flickr
Blurmeister: Hawfinch
Turk Images: Great Gray Owl
Mark Barrett.: The camera never lies!
Turk Images: Northern Hawk Owl
Gary Faulkner's wildlife photography: Wryneck - Jynx torquilla
Gary Faulkner's wildlife photography: Cormorant - Phalacrocorax carbo
Gary Faulkner's wildlife photography: Dotterel - Charadrius morinellus
Alan Woodgate: The 3 cubs
Sandra Standbridge.: White-letter Hairstreak, Satyrium w-album.
Peter Quinn1: Arctic Skua
Peter Quinn1: Juvenile Woodcock
Blurmeister: Green Kingfisher
KHR Images: Living on the edge
Turk Images: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep - The Little Boys ??
suenorth91: Otter in the mist no 2
Wayne Nelson: Standing Watch
willjatkins: Missed you so much! Female smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) 1 of 3
ALI AL NASHME: Down the hills we go
Gary Faulkner's wildlife photography: Red-footed Falcon - Falco vespertinus
Turk Images: Humpback Whales - Bubble Net Feeding
Turk Images: Steller's Sea Lion
Nuno Xavier Moreira: Gineta, Genet (Genetta genetta)
Gary Faulkner's wildlife photography: Grey Seal - Halichoerus grypus
trickydicky1964: Tied in knots
Turk Images: GWB_20150527_5304
PETEJLB: Red-footed Falcon
Blurmeister: Cuckoo