Hector16: Termites repairing the air conditioning
Hector16: Agama burgling a termite mound for food
Hector16: My Territory
Hector16: Plains Giraffe
Hector16: Sunday
Hector16: Impala Fawn
Hector16: Cheetah
Hector16: Olive Baboon
Hector16: Male Leopard
Hector16: Plains Zebra
Hector16: Unhappy Cold Lion Cub
Hector16: Are you followimg me?
Hector16: Wary Hyaena
Hector16: The Famous Leopard, Fig in Tree
Hector16: I can smell Leopard! Can you see her?
Hector16: The Rainy Season!
Hector16: Young Lion
Hector16: Early Morning Ellies
Hector16: Young female Leopard - Furaha
Hector16: Furaha's Pantry
Hector16: Vulnerable
Hector16: Leopard Swagger
Hector16: He looks how I feel...
Hector16: Sun setting on another year - Happy New Year to All!
Hector16: A change from Turkey...
Hector16: Back To Work
Hector16: A Restful Weekend
Hector16: It is Going To Rain!
Hector16: The Dik Dik Pride