~Brenda-Starr~: Happy Birthday Parée!
WayneToTheMax: Couples Therapy
rubyblossom.: "That's the last time we take her out !" ...
rubyblossom.: Happy Birthday Paree
plumnutz: Happy Birthday Paree
rubyblossom.: Spotlight !
dalbera: Grille art nouveau du ferronnier Emile Robert (musée de l'Ecole de Nancy)
rubyblossom.: Elysian...
katmary: Angel of peace
Elné: Happy Birthday Parée
OhLizz: Parée's Celebration
katmary: Gabriel
mimitalks, married, under grace: Presenting our 2014 Digital Breast Cancer Awareness Quilt in an artsy video
~Brenda-Starr~: Thinking of you
rubyblossom.: Remembering Pookie...
Ashley1954: What takes us back to the past is our memories.
katmary: Happy birthday Paree
~Brenda-Starr~: Happy Birthday Parée
Temari 09: ~ Happy Birthday, Paree! ~
Elné: Fly me to the Moon
Temari 09: * A Better Day *
Temari 09: * Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day *
jaci XIII: The birth of the dragon
rubyblossom.: The Perambulator...
{ ka2rina }: Hibiscus
rubyblossom.: Waiting For Mama...
@DeeInna: New Article on House of Bokeh!
rubyblossom.: My Artwork
Jeananne Martin: Key Lime Pie Squares
Jeananne Martin: Crisp Key Lime Cookies (+ more & a gift :)