WayneToTheMax: The Consciousness of Foolish Behavior
WayneToTheMax: Body of a woman, white hills, white thighs, when you surrender, you stretch out like the world. ~~Pablo Neruda
WayneToTheMax: Watermelon Summer Sun
WayneToTheMax: Mercy, Mercy Me
WayneToTheMax: Desert Priestess
WayneToTheMax: Gathering The Burners
WayneToTheMax: Elliphyno
WayneToTheMax: Playa Chrome
WayneToTheMax: Opening Night
WayneToTheMax: In the stillness of remembering What you had And what you lost And what you had ~~from Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
WayneToTheMax: Reverie
WayneToTheMax: Summer Therapy
WayneToTheMax: The Calling
WayneToTheMax: Apple in Blue Room
WayneToTheMax: Fresh and Clean
WayneToTheMax: Fashion on the Tarmac
WayneToTheMax: The Bottom of the Pear
WayneToTheMax: Portrait of Antonieta and AnaElisa
WayneToTheMax: Apple In Green Room
WayneToTheMax: Pandemania
WayneToTheMax: Her 'Meet you at the bar' Heels
WayneToTheMax: Only One Will Stand At The End Of It All
WayneToTheMax: Tequila Formal
WayneToTheMax: One Still Missing
WayneToTheMax: In The Misty Morning
WayneToTheMax: Tango No. 31
WayneToTheMax: Abandoned Train Car
WayneToTheMax: Coyote Cafe