Barbara.57: Good morning Hanmer
Barbara.57: Last light on the Leslie Hills
Barbara.57: Autumnal Virginia creeper Number 2
Jattitude: Seattle Sunset
Barbara.57: Green Grass
Barbara.57: Sunset over Woodbank Road
Barbara.57: The colours might clash, but that's nature. 😀.
Jattitude: Downtown Seattle
Barbara.57: Sunset
Detroit Imagery: Woodward Avenue
mfogiel: 20191522
Barbara.57: Sunrise over Mt Dunblane, Hanmer Springs, on 1 July
breeze.kaze: I like street car very much.
Barbara.57: Fowler's Hut.
Jattitude: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
Jattitude: Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Jattitude: Pacific Ocean
Barbara.57: Fun in the forest
e.a.roth: wyatt no pose 3
Barbara.57: Ferns in the bush.
Barbara.57: Okarito boatshed during the blue hour
Detroit Imagery: Nikon F3/T
Jattitude: The Presidio
Jattitude: Yosemite Valley
Barbara.57: Downhill towards Clarence river
Barbara.57: Solar Halo - colour version
Barbara.57: Red Sky Tonight