Neal3K: Catching Light
Neal3K: Courthouse on 110 film
Neal3K: Fayetteville Depot Tintype
Neal3K: Argus Styling Argus A3, A2F, and C3 Matchmatic
Neal3K: Postcard by Baldamatic
Neal3K: Blackwater
Neal3K: Harry Potter
Neal3K: Behind the Racetrack
Neal3K: Out of Business
Neal3K: Olympus - Old and New Lenses
Neal3K: Big Tree and Shed
Neal3K: Coronet Midget Double Exposure
Neal3K: Siblings
Neal3K: Afternoon Locomotive
Neal3K: Shadows on the Shelf
Neal3K: The Balda Gang
Neal3K: Weedy Wetland
Neal3K: Winter
Neal3K: Argus Matchmatic C3
Neal3K: Rounding the Curve
Neal3K: White Hippopotamus
Neal3K: Trilobite Macro 1968
Neal3K: Roadside on Tri-X
Neal3K: Beautiful Fall Afternoon
Neal3K: Weathered but Working
Neal3K: Fun With Light Leaks
Neal3K: Red Lens Traffic Lantern
Neal3K: Favorite Hampton Subject
Neal3K: Drainpipe Pastel
Neal3K: Dietz Comet Lantern