Neal3K: Interesting Overlap - Lakeside
Neal3K: Barn Front Color Version
Neal3K: Restored RR Depot
Neal3K: Toy Camera by Toy Camera
Neal3K: Blacksmith's Shop TinType
Neal3K: Snapper Tiller TtV
Neal3K: Sun Spotlight - Leaflets Three
Neal3K: 6A2 Griffin Airport
Neal3K: Another View of the Porter Locomotive
Neal3K: Steam Whistle
Neal3K: Needs a Bit of Work
Neal3K: Fall Preview with Roy G.
Neal3K: Bus on Tri-X
Neal3K: Dark Shadows
Neal3K: Solitude
Neal3K: I Like Lichens (and Mosses)
Neal3K: Cattails and More
Neal3K: Barnyard
Neal3K: Pentax Spotmatic with Super Takimar 200mm f/4
Neal3K: Blue Trim on 110 Film
Neal3K: Late Afternoon on Oak Street
Neal3K: Prickly Pears on Ektar #3
Neal3K: Leaves
Neal3K: Locomotive #7 at Heritage Park
Neal3K: Ginger Cake Creek
Neal3K: Neither Ocean, Cloud or Night Lights
Neal3K: Half the Hotel on Half Frame 35mm
Neal3K: Triple Exposure - Locomotive and Railroad Bed
Neal3K: Voskhod Film Take-Up Failure and Repair
Neal3K: International Truck in the Parking Lot Island