l4ts: Buttercups
GOOD•NEWS•SNAPS: s e a s c a p e • e s c a p e
the adapted eye: thou art dog
the adapted eye: attention
sandrorotonaria: There’s harmony
Gifty O'Hara: palm off
tasrenee14: IMG_1776
tasrenee14: IMG_4832.CR2
tasrenee14: IMG_8187
tasrenee14: IMG_8456
tasrenee14: Sisters Beach, Tasmania
tasrenee14: Waves in the Sand, Cloudy Bay
tasrenee14: Trial Harbour, Tasmania
tasrenee14: Trial Harbour, Tasmania
https://www.fujipixie.com: Green and pleasant land
the adapted eye: it's a trick
spinyman: Moonlight beach, Encinitas.
GOOD•NEWS•SNAPS: s u n b a t h i n g
https://www.fujipixie.com: Is that a pure collie? No its Acros
VienosNotes: 夕焼け
l4ts: Nine Standards
l4ts: Chrome Hill