fridgeirsson: Hold Your Heading True
fridgeirsson: Stormy night at Grótta
fridgeirsson: Blue House
fridgeirsson: Sunset 16:31 -6 Celcius
fridgeirsson: Clashes
fridgeirsson: The Castle
fridgeirsson: Winter Storms
fridgeirsson: And now its raining
fridgeirsson: Icelandic Turf Hut
fridgeirsson: Icy road
fridgeirsson: The Raven
fridgeirsson: Returning to the Mountains after Christmas.
fridgeirsson: FloodWall
fridgeirsson: Varnargarðurinn
fridgeirsson: Omikron
fridgeirsson: Drama in the Weather
fridgeirsson: Brim 2
fridgeirsson: Þrengslin
fridgeirsson: Bragginn
fridgeirsson: Stokkseyri
fridgeirsson: 36 foot waves out there
fridgeirsson: Assa (she eagle)
fridgeirsson: Sunset 15:49 tvo more minutes of daylight
fridgeirsson: Fire Walk with Me
fridgeirsson: Ölfusá
fridgeirsson: Orchid