drumking2009: A totally chilled out cat
melliottohaire: NY grey sky from California jet stream
creativegaz: Cracked Sky
Kari Siren: Cloud hat
Jasrmcf: Sony a7 50mm 2.8 macero
sowhat63: Sequoiadendron giganteum bw
Valter Quattrini: Explore! September 17, 2020
Markus Branse: Upcoming Storm
SonjaS.: Morning has broken
pixelia2: Bonjour le chien.
Albert Wirtz @ Landscape and Nature Photography: *exciting weather in the Volterrana*
kaibassplayer73: KAI00547.jpg
George Kurzik: Reflections (IR)
~ Jessy S ~: Yellow tones
FireDevilPhoto: Beauty in Blue
storiesbyso: details
storiesbyso: shadow bouquet
strongestlight: trail to infinity #2