ère: 087/366: navigating tricky cornersère: 086/366: code-cracking in the alleywayère: 085/366: silhouettes & silver liningsère: 084/366: waiting for things to pass (water under the bridge)ère: 083/366: follow the figure at the end of the tunnelère: 082/366: and breathe (vital elements)ère: 081/366: home to roostère: 080/366: mutations (young children reflect upon the state of the world through clay play)ère: 079/366: beyond the veil (dark days behind the curtain)ère: 078/366: happy familiesère: 077/366: transient cyclesère: 076/366: a secret language of lines (by a shy 3 year old)ère: 075/366: the still, quiet breezeère: 074/366: frills vs. angles - late afternoon concrete (phone photography)ère: 073/366: feathers, leaves and snakes moving in the forest (the language of ink & lines by a 3 year old) (phone photography)ère: 072/366: the people-eating "monster" (young children subconsciously reflect reality in drawings and storytelling) (phone photography)ère: 071a/366: rain is the new realityère: 071/366: fluidity & cycles (the sky in a puddle) (phone photography)ère: 070/366: stark self-study (phone photography)ère: 069/366: framing the frangipaneère: 068/366: after midnight shadows - they creep and grow (phone photography)ère: 067/366: as if peering into a pool of water that reflects the evening sky (phone photography)ère: 066/366: an alien storyère: 065/366: children play with clay - guess what it is (phone photography)ère: 064/366: strokesère: 063/366: timber (phone photography)ère: 062/366: monday monochrome (twisting gravity and other forces) (phone photography)ère: 061/366: rooted yet otherworldlyère: 060/366: makeshift shelter in the afternoon sunère: 059/366: I spy with my little eye