ère: 217/366: always the flip sideère: 216/366: dive (phone photography)ère: 215/366: night - rooftop composition (as far as the eye/phone can see)ère: 214/366: extending the view (phone photography)ère: 213/366: composition - dried heliconia on cracked concreteère: 212/366: cheers - the craft of beer (phone photography)ère: 211/366: rising from the shadowsère: 210/366: floating formsère: 209/366: shiny water beadsère: 208/366: the clouds at my feetère: 207/366: the eye of the dome (phone photography)ère: 206/366: through a large peepholeère: 205/366: on top at the back...ère: 204/366: mind the gapère: 203/366: precariousère: 202/366: like upright paintbrushes smudging the sky (phone photography)ère: 201/366: self-reflection (phone photography)ère: 200/366: hanging out with the locals (phone photography)ère: 199/366: everything skywardsère: 198/366: under the banyan treeère: 197/366: right behind you (phone photography)ère: 196/366: decay on display (monochrome still life)ère: 195/366: a topsy turvy world (phone photography)ère: 194/366: me in the trees (phone photography)ère: 193/366: lost in the tower of knowledgeère: 192/366: floodlit horizonère: 191/366: through the gridded windows (day)ère: 190/366: through the net curtains (night)ère: 189/366: on the tiles (vintage - phone photography)ère: 188/366: monday monochrome (on the balcony)