ère: 020/366: mixed media mondayère: 019/366: the triviality of suburbia (dwarfed by the sky)ère: 018/366: fallen frangipaneère: 017/366: ink bubbles on paper (close-up)ère: 016/366: portals / fluidity into the void (phone photography)ère: 015/366: the bright side - where there's a crack (phone photography)ère: 014/366: (self-portrait) at the end of the tunnelère: 013/366: monochrome monday (grey clouds a-comin')ère: 012/366: the beast of the eastère: 011/366: communion with the tree gods (phone photography)ère: 010/366: the allure of disintegration (phone photography)ère: 009/366: woven into anglesère: 008/366: strike me down with lines and shadows, the light it shines brightly (phone photography)ère: 007/366: an infinite condensed world (phone photography)ère: 006/366: overlapping possibilities (tree kitchen)ère: 005/366: deep down and dark in the cbdère: urban degenerationère: 004/366: melting into the mirrorère: 003/366: subterraneanère: 002/366: in the in-between (phone photography)ère: 001/366: monochrome month - interconnectivity (phone photography)ère: 365/365: สวัสดีปีใหม่!! Reflecting on the past, mindful of the present with hope for the future (seeing in the new year across different time zones - phone photography)ère: 364/365: chiang mai street design (phone photography)ère: 363/365: freshly squeezed and natural (phone photography)ère: The buddha in the alley (phone photography)ère: 362/365: creeping over the white wash (phone photography)ère: 361/365: in the realm of the imagination - after the shock (phone photography)ère: 360/365: warm tones inside the wat (phone photography)ère: 359/365: the travellers' bug caught up (phone photography)ère: 358/365: giving time for some enlightened seasonal greetings (phone photography)