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maczeug2: Photo Bomber
Muse poétique: The trip
Muse poétique: Endless summer
Six Kinds of Darkness: 2019-10-18_06-19-25
Jorge Daniel Segura - On/Off: Conspiracy Theory and Praxis 2
Emi Yeh: The only intersection of the past and future is now.
Tom Kondrat: ghost month
Pomo photos: just some people in a tonnel
Tryphon34: DSC06793
Klaus Ressmann: StrongWaves.jpg
pedrosimoes7: Untitled (2005) - Luisa Ferreira (1961)
Emi Yeh: Here's to our ride.
josef...: acutelyCute
Bo Dudas: umbrella
Six Kinds of Darkness: 2019-10-12 11.22.45 1
Six Kinds of Darkness: 2019-10-12 11.18.04 1
Six Kinds of Darkness: Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window.
fabioomero: Antoni Tàpies
fabioomero: Antoni Tàpies
Mark Walton1: From my window
pinkcabins: Transcendental chairs
neco_onsen: minami ikebukuro
neco_onsen: minami ikebukuro2