lorinleecary: Ponderable
lorinleecary: Shadow Dance
lorinleecary: Waiting For The Games 3
lorinleecary: Hold tight
lorinleecary: The absence of clarity
lorinleecary: Such is life
lorinleecary: Zig Zag
lorinleecary: On the other hand
lorinleecary: Intimate Family Dinner at Restaruant
lorinleecary: Inside the old house
lorinleecary: Working Boats
lorinleecary: Middle Kingdom Heaven
lorinleecary: Let There Be Light
lorinleecary: Opthomology Abstract 2
lorinleecary: O'Keefe Land 7
lorinleecary: Shadows and lines
lorinleecary: Wonders of that Spring
lorinleecary: The long of it
lorinleecary: The shell
lorinleecary: In motion
lorinleecary: In The Window
lorinleecary: It rained
lorinleecary: Back when
lorinleecary: Letting go 5: bark art series
lorinleecary: Ponder some more: bark art series
lorinleecary: It is beautiful: bark art series
lorinleecary: Early that morning
lorinleecary: Why were you out so early?
lorinleecary: Georgetown, CO window
lorinleecary: Welcome