lorinleecary: Wet Morning
lorinleecary: Varied: Bark Art Series
lorinleecary: It's Fall
lorinleecary: Sunrise Over That Golf Course
lorinleecary: In Process
lorinleecary: Blue Table Top 1
lorinleecary: A Place for Windows BW
lorinleecary: Prickly Delight 2
lorinleecary: Shine On, Moon Over Spring Mountains (in Explore 11.10.22)
lorinleecary: Edges BW
lorinleecary: Sunrise Cloud
lorinleecary: Let Go, Hang On: bark art series
lorinleecary: Color Splash 1
lorinleecary: Big Bolt
lorinleecary: Sunrise Red
lorinleecary: Chaos at the restaurant
lorinleecary: Self Portrait 4 z
lorinleecary: Shadows on the Floor
lorinleecary: A Park in Sydney
lorinleecary: Blue Cord
lorinleecary: Morning Abstract
lorinleecary: Edge Abstract
lorinleecary: Morning Path
lorinleecary: That Sky
lorinleecary: Addiction Anonymous
lorinleecary: Post Install Jumble
lorinleecary: Visitation Of....